Wearable NFTs

Fashion³ is a digital fashion house build on-top of Cosmos ecosystem. Focusing on high quality low production wearable NFTs

A Fashion house made by artists and developers. We strive for a future where fashion is no longer bound by physical objects, where our digital identities become our new, true reality.

Fashion3 is a leader in the digital fashion sphere that melds physical clothing with digital assets and secures them with the power of blockchain.

We are creating a movement that prepares humanity for a phygital future.

discover phygital clothing

We develop NFT clothing that can be worn both in the physical and digital world. Tied inseparably, our NFT drops come as bundles.


Web3 Powered Community

Discover a new way to experience a tokenized community.

Unlock Rewards

Gain exclusive goods such as NFTs, experiences, and discounts.

Earn cultural currency

Earn tokens with real world utility by staking and wearing your NFTs.


Earn $FSHN tokens while holding your NFTs

Ultra Rare Genesis Fashion3 Collection

3D assets optimized for metaverse

Proof of fashion

Hold your phygital clothing in your decentralized wallet to earn $FSHN tokens.

Burn them to unlock exclusive access to drops and community events.